A nice addition to old balloon framed house that reinforces the existing structure by use of 6x6 laminated posts secured to foundation, existing house and the double LVL valley beams of the roof.

A marvelous tear drop shaped deck! IPE decking with concealed fastening system. PVC skirt with virtually invisible below deck storage access door.

A fabulous house with rounded farmers porch detail, intricate master bedroom ceiling and vualted octagon attrium. We love complex roof framing!

This is a gorgeous deck extension with IPE decking, cider lattice and custom milled ballusters to match the detail of the existing deck, trimmed with PVC boards.

Nice and neat IPE deck with concealed fastening system matched with white composite Timbertech rails is virtually maintenance free and beautiful.

The underside is covered with plastic lattice and has an access door for convenient storage.

That is what used to be a sewing shop buit back in 1913.


The one story shop was demolished and gutted to the joists of the first floor and transformed by our team into a beautiful house with two stories, finished attic and a cosy roof top deck.